Are You Worried? Try A Worry Doll

Are You Worried? Try A Worry Doll

Are you worried now, or have a friend or family member who is worried? Try a worry doll. Legends claim that worry dolls (also known as trouble dolls, or Muñeca quitapena) alleviate problems and concerns while you sleep. Many Mayans, Guatemalans, and also Mexican people give their children worry dolls when they are scared or have nightmares. Placed under their pillow, their worries are gone when they awake. They share their fears, worries and anxieties with the doll then place it under their pillow, all sorrows to be taken by the doll by morning.

are you worried try a worry doll

Worry dolls also plays a role in modern pediatrics and child psychiatry. Some councilors suggest worry dolls to a child as an imaginary, trusted listener. Today, it is also common for adults to use them similar to dreamcatchers and amulets, to unburden daily problems and concerns naturally.

are you worried try a worry doll
Stitch In The Eye Worry Doll


Speak to me your worries softly

And set me under your pillow at night

I will help banish your fears away by the

morning light

A worry doll poem by Stitch in the Eye


And this is an example story about using worry dolls:



How were worry dolls traditionally made?

are you worried try a worry doll

The original worry dolls were small, usually between ½ to 2 inches (10 to 20 mm) tall. Clothed in traditional Mayan costumes, the body was crafted by binding pieces of wood or twisting wire to fashion torso, legs, arms, and head. Winding cloth or yarn around the frame gave the dolls final shape, and also used to make hair, feet, and hands. Pieces of traditional woven fabric was then used for the costume.

The Worry Doll Legend

are you worried try a worry doll

The legend of the worry doll began with the Mayans in the Guatemalan Highlands. When, is unknown, but only that the story about the magic of the worry doll has been told passed on generation after generation. It is said, the worry or trouble doll worries about a problem, not the person so that the person can sleep peacefully.

If you have a worry or are in need help, you would whisper your troubles to the doll and then place that doll underneath your pillow and when you wake your troubles will have been handled by the worry doll.

If interested, the legend of the Mayan Worry or Trouble Dolls retold from a modern Guatemalan point of view can be read by touching or clicking on the following link:

Mayan Trouble Doll Legend

Are You Worried or Know Someone Who Is?

are you worried try a worry doll

Stitch In The Eye offers 4.5 inch renditions of the legendary worry doll, custom made to order. Go to this website Home page for details.

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